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Yes ….. we have some good news to share with you …… we will soon be relocating the practice to another location in Elko. Only the location will change; I will still be your orthodontist, and my staff will remain the same.

The new location will be at: AnyDay Dental

2575 N. 5th Street, Suite A, in Elko. We will begin seeing patients their starting Nov. 1, 2021.

All of my current patients and new ones who have appointments with me before 01/01/2022, will continue and remain in my private practice at the new location until they are finished and in retainers. Everything, such as telephone number, accounting, submission of insurance claims, payments, scheduling of appointments etc., will remain the same as now, including our traditional weekly Monday schedule. A plus is that we will have more flexibility to see emergencies on other days of the week, and the orthodontic bay is impressive. You will be treated with the same quality of care that you’re used to, and we are excited to welcome you to this new phase of my practice.

Any patients who call as new patients with me after 01/01/2022, will be referred to AnyDay Dental, where I am the orthodontist as well.

We all appreciate you, our patients and your families. We feel like we are a family, and we want only the highest quality of care for you. Our hope is that you continue to feel valued and appreciated, and we assure you that is our goal.

See You There in November!

Doc, Kathy, Kaylin & Siara

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Welcome to Grove Orthodontics

Dr. David T. Grove
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We are pleased to offer our Elko patients the following Orthodontic services:

  • Examine Kids 6 to 18
  • First Exam Age 7 to Evaluate Growth
  • Orthodontics for Adults
  • Facial Orthopedics
  • Cosmetic Enhancement
  • Medically Based Orthodontics
  • Invisalign
  • Appointment Intervals 6-8 weeks
  • Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Cone Beam 3-D X-rays

Dr. Grove and his team love creating beautiful smiles that will last for a lifetime! Dr. Grove and his team are committed to providing an orthodontic experience that is second to none. It all begins with your first phone call, and continues on during every appointment and carries on long after your braces are removed.

Our goal is to provide you with Amazing Results! At Grove Orthodontics each and every patient receives a fully customized treatment plan tailored to address specific concerns. This customized treatment plan is designed to result in a beautiful, natural, esthetic and functional result. Rest assured, when orthodontic treatment is complete the result will be an amazing, beautiful smile!

Call us at (775) 753-4870 to book your appointment today! No referral required.

We always warmly welcome new patients! Book your appointment today.

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